Susan Corbett, CEO

Chief Executive Officer 

Susan Corbett is the Chief Executive Officer at Axiom Technologies. She is a provider and advocate of fast, affordable, and reliable broadband services for rural communities. In 2005, Ms. Corbett joined Axiom Technologies as Chief Financial Officer. Under her leadership, the telecommunications company has designed and constructed more than 100 access points connecting more than 2,500 square miles in one of America’s roughest terrains — rural Maine. 

Ms. Corbett is a preeminent authority on rural broadband deployment and works closely with economic development and rural organizations to advance internet and wireless technologies and their adoption.

Ms. Corbett's clear company-wide direction has garnered Axiom tremendous recognition in the form of awards, media coverage, and grants. Most recently, Axiom was awarded a Microsoft grant to provide internet access to homes in Washington County, Maine, using TV white space.

Before joining Axiom, Ms. Corbett was the owner of a medical billing and consulting firm in Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Corbett migrated and trained staff at medical practices to transfer paper systems into digital solutions, as well as helping them use technology to advance care. Helping people is at the heart of everything she does.

Ms. Corbett is a public speaker, educator, and advocate who is dedicated to providing broadband access and digital literacy to rural communities everywhere.


Mark Ouellette


Mark Ouellette is the President of Axiom with responsibility for overseeing and growing Axiom's internet and wireless businesses.  

Mr. Ouellette has held a number of senior leadership positions in the state of Maine. Previously, Mr. Ouellette was the Executive Director of Mobilize Maine, where he worked with regions across the state to help develop and implement measurable, private sector economic development strategies.

Before that, Mr. Ouellette served as Director of Business Development for the State of Maine. Earlier, he served as Chief of Staff to U.S. Representative Tom Allen. 

Mr. Ouellette has 20 years of economic and community development experience. He has a strong track record of successfully writing and securing federal, state, and foundation grants. Most recently, he was pivotal to receiving Axiom's premiere Microsoft grant award to provide internet access to homes in Washington County, Maine, using TV white space. 

Mr. Ouellette is an active speaker and participant in panel discussions on a wide range of economic development topics and strategies, including providing broadband access to rural communities.

Director of Special Projects

Kim Emerson serves as Director of Special Projects for Axiom, where he oversees wireless technologies, DSL, and fiber optic build-outs. His role includes network and technology planning, development of architecture and roadmaps, and the continued evolution of broadband deployment methodologies.

Mr. Emerson is proficient in a multitude of programming scripts and languages including Perl/CGI, Javascript, SQL, and ASP. He completed training and received certifications to administer and deploy the Mikrotik RouterOS platform including MTCRE, MTCWE and MTCTCE, as well as an A+ Certification which he obtained to teach a certification course to high school and adult education students.

Mr. Emerson is a graduate of the University of Maine at Machias. 

Director of Network Services

Ian Sawyer serves Axiom's entire organization across many disciplines including network management, network installations, as well as computer repair for our neighbors in Washington County, Maine.  

Mr. Sawyer is a CompTIA A+ Certified Technician with over ten years of hands-on experience with hardware and software technologies. He has the proven skills necessary to support complex IT infrastructures across rural communities. Mr. Sawyer has extensive experience in Windows Operating Systems, networking, firewalls, as well as identifying and preventing malware. 

Director of Educational Services

Jane Blackwood is Director of Educational Services at Axiom Education and Training Center (AETC) ), a 501 c3 non-profit organization. AETC is Axiom's not-for-profit educational and professional development training facility located in Machais, Maine. Prior to the creation of AETC, Ms. Blackwood provided educational services for Axiom Technologies.

Axiom believes that digital literacy is a vital component of rural deployment. The AETC is dedicated to delivering educational and professional development training to our neighbors in Washington County, Maine.

AETC’s flagship program, Digital Literacy, was created by Ms. Blackwood. AETC conducts classes for individuals and businesses in a wide array of software including business, creative, and social platforms.

Ms. Blackwood earned her Master’s Degree in Education from the University of New England and holds a Teaching Certificate in the State of Maine. She is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership, and is an advocate for advancing the life-long educational and professional development of rural businesses and residents.