Fiber optic is fast. Blazingly fast. And Axiom has brought 30 miles of high speed fiber optic internet to rural Maine. 

Axiom has created a fiber optic backbone from Machias to Steuben, Maine. This is 30 miles of fiber optic cable along a rural corridor. It is capable of delivering a 10 gigabit internet service.  This gives citizens of Maine the power to access healthcare, jobs, and education — all from the comfort of their homes and businesses. And of course, the freedom to watch movies, share photos, and make video calls with friends and family.

If you are interested in the speed and reliability of a fiber connection, contact us to learn more about pricing and deployment.  

Call us at 207.255.0679 or toll free at 866.708.7998 to learn more. 


WHAT IS fiber optic internet?

Fiber optic cables are strands of optically pure glass that carry digital information over long distances. It is often referred to as the gold standard of internet connections because of its high speed and reliability.

Communities with Access to fiber optic internet in Axiom’s operational footprint: 

  • Machias

  • Whitneyville

  • Jonesboro

  • Columbia Falls/ Columbia

  • Harrington

  • Cherryfield

  • Milbridge

  • Steuben

For communities not listed, we still may be able to help with a fiber optic connection. Contact Axiom, and we can help you understand current and future options.